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Why Your White Friends Seem So Flippant About Racism; What To Do About It

You know the one cousin you don’t hang out with because he starts some mess every time you go out? Or the one who can come to the BBQ but can’t go in the house alone because she steals? How about that one distant relative who you drive by on the way to work, hanging out on the corner, because that’s where he lives? We all have them. They are the bane of the family, the stain on the family name, the embarrassment to the family name. Imagine, for a second, that this person’s flaw is racism...
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6 Houston DJs to Look Out For: The Ladies

First and foremost, I am actually very annoyed that it took me this long to find six female DJs in Houston. This city is huge, and I have legitimately been scouring the city to find the hottest lady spinners, but it seemed as if it were either the same women at every event, or dudes. Luckily, the past few weeks have turned up some super dope acts that I get the pleasure of writing about – and hopefully getting hired for your next event...
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July Reminds Us Why We Love Houston | @traeabn @donke713 #HAW

Houston is a city like no other. The place we’d like to think of as one of the points in the Lone Star is known for a very desired culture, a very unique vernacular, a very specific code of ethics, and a very distinct personality that is both separate from the rest of the South, but also very wrapped up in its story. July 2017, as if to double down on the Houston holiday of June 27, was a month filled with events and celebrations to pay homage to the City of Syrup.
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Stream DJ Mike C's Debut Mix, "#TNTS Trxpped N The South"

First and foremost I wanna say, “I told you so!” I’m gonna go ahead and gloat on this one, because I called it when I made the list of 6 Houston DJs to look out for. DJ Mike C, although many who had never heard him spin thought he was a backup to Houston rapper Doeman, is a damn good standalone DJ. Many have never received the pleasure of hearing him spin at a party or before or after a Dodi set, but those who have are aware of exactly what is to come when “Sippin on Some Sizzurp” starts up...
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Xavier Blk + Jeremy Avalon, Creative Community + Sweaty Dance Parties

When you ask a DJ for an interview, please don’t think you’re gonna do lunch. The element of the DJ is as such: If I gotta do an interview for a blog, imma make it look sexy. It was a clear and steamy night (9:30ish, to be exact-ish) when I went to Boondocks to interview Xavier Blk and Jeremy Avalon of WERC Crew before they spun for Blackout. What I got was the best description of what happens when creatives in a big city unite to swap ideas, skills, stories, and connections...
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Bruh. Chill.

Hey y’all! Cheesy McCheeseface but also just true encouragement moment (and weird vulnerability thing I’m trying): I had a huge anxiety attack Thursday in the hospital because, as expected, I’m sick and freaking tired of dealing with my health. I just started freaking out about crap that I haven’t done (that no one asked me to do lol), people who have left me (who probably were never a part of my destiny), and how no one understands me (Jesus definitely does), and I just lost it.
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