Expectation of Good

Bruh. Chill.

Hey y’all! Cheesy McCheeseface but also just true encouragement moment (and weird vulnerability thing I’m trying): I had a huge anxiety attack Thursday in the hospital because, as expected, I’m sick and freaking tired of dealing with my health. I just started freaking out about crap that I haven’t done (that no one asked me to do lol), people who have left me (who probably were never a part of my destiny), and how no one understands me (Jesus definitely does), and I just lost it.
Day & A Dream

Why Prodigy's Passing Should Make You Aware, But Not Afraid

What a sobering experience it is to have someone pass away from an illness from which you, a close friend, or a family member suffer! Albert “Prodigy” Johnson, one-half of legendary hip hop group Mobb Deep, reportedly passed away from complications of sickle cell Tuesday. I admittedly am not a huge Mobb Deep fan. The only thing I knew about it was one of the members, Prodigy, suffered from sickle cell anemia...
Day & A Dream

SZA is a Modern Day Philosopher in "CTRL" | @sza

My body would physically reject saying some of the lyrics in her songs, even though my body screams “YES!” every time I listen to SZA sing them. Her statements are personal, and I am left to wonder how SZA, at 26 years of age, has lived this many lives. SZA is among the new school of women who are saying whatever tf they want in songs. No longer are we shocked when we hear women talk about their sexual needs. No longer are we disgusted by hearing women sing or rap about playing men the ways in which men have historically bragged about playing women. Women like Kehlani, Rihanna…hell, even Selena Gomez are telling it like it is.
Day & A Dream

Houston Artists Inspiring Houston Art: Donkee Boy and Chingo Bling

Houston art is not synonymous with graffiti. However, people often equate the two simply because of the ubiquity of quality graffiti in Houston. Donkee Boy breaks that mold by using more traditional paint, painting styles, and screenprinting. Donkee Boy’s latest contribution to the city’s landscape is a mural of Houston rapper Chingo Bling on the side of Raven Tower. The artist debuted the mural for Madness on Main, and I got to ask him a few questions about this piece, his other pieces, and how he contributes to Houston popular culture.
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