Lil B Is Cooking On Youtube And In The Studio

Lil B has established quite the reputation for himself on social media, which has been a mixture of extreme positivity and sometimes, random beef. Arguably, there’s no one rapper who has achieved more interest for social media first, music second than he has. The coolest thing about Lil B is that despite the “curses” he’s put on people, the conspiracies about Twitter stunts, and the other sensationalism surrounding his name, the music is actually pretty good.

How Combining Hip-Hop With Therapy Might Help The Next Generation Of Rappers

Lauryn Hill was a trendsetter in many ways, some quite unexpected. When she wrote “Superstar” back in 1998, her words tapped into one area of hidden potential for hip-hop music that’s only just now being realized: “Come on baby, light my fire Everything you drop is so tired Music is supposed to inspire So how come we ain’t getting no higher?” She, like many of today’s hip-hop heads, turned to the genre to relieve stress and to feel like she wasn’t alone...
Day & A Dream

Video Interview: John Fuggin Dough On Authenticity, Purpose, And Art [@johnfuggindough]

The text went like this: John Fuggin Dough: Hey do u do in person interviews? Hope Fuggin Carter: Yup. JFD: Cool! I want to do one with u to release some time next year HC: Dope. What do you want this interview to focus on? JFD: Well, I’m about to drop an interview or two about the brand and shit I’m doing, but I want to present something that allows people to buy into ME more and what I represent… …and that’s exactly what happened...

Seeing Lake Mead With Taye Diggs Will Remind You To 'Find Your Park'

Imagine being an megawatt actor and your agent calls to tell you you’re going to be on a speedboat tour of freezing cold Lake Mead in mid-autumn. Afterward, you’ll explore the other side of the Hoover Dam on a raft down the Colorado River. And you’ll do it all with a bunch of journalists. It’s probably not the kind of call you’d be used to (or relish), but Taye Diggs answered it anyway. The actor/writer/singer felt that it was important to support the National Park Foundation in its push preser

Photographer Lauren Randolph Captured Smiles For World Kindness Day

LA-based portrait photographer Lauren Randolph recently toured Peru on an 11-day-journey with one goal in mind – to make people smile. Randolph partnered with Contiki — a tour company for millennials — to create content for The Travel Project. The initiative “seeks to show how travel has the ability to create better humans”, which is just the sort of thing we can get behind. Armed with her camera, Randolph traveled throughout Peru giving out compliments to strangers and capturing their responses.

Ta-Nehisi Coates Explains Why White People Shouldn't Rap The 'N-Word'

During the Q&A portion of Ta-Nehisi Coates’s book tour promoting his newest release, We Were Eight Years in Power, a white girl at Evanston Township High School asked what she should tell her white friends who thought it was cool to use the “n-word” while rapping. She noted that she thought it was wrong to say, as a white person, but the word is so prevalent in music, she was unsure what to do. Chile, the Lord knows the right people to answer these questions…

A New Website Hopes To Make 'Adulting' A Lot Easier For All Of Us

Between Google and my mama, there are still a lot of things I, as a full-grown adult, have not learned to do, or did not know I needed to know how to do. Sometimes adultier adults act like when we turn 18 we are handed a guidebook to teach us how to fill in a tax form, what a tax form even is, how to deal with the government, what to do if we get into trouble with the law, etc. That’s why I breathed a millennial sigh of relief when I learned about AllShitAdult.com.

This Burger King Anti-Bullying PSA Will Truly Shift Your Perspective

Burger King released an anti-bullying ad Tuesday that will make you think twice before you let bullying slide. The short National Bullying Prevention Month PSA “Bullying Jr.” commercial pits a high school junior against a Whopper Jr. to see how many patrons would report their sandwich being “bullied,” or a little bit roughed up by one of the restaurant workers, yet ignore the plight of a real human who is experiencing similar treatment.

This Brewery Hopes To Ruin Richard Spencer's Florida Event With Beer

Ticket become available this Saturday, October 14th and each person can get two with a valid ID. This is our town. This is our home. Let’s do this Gainesville. The realization that racism still runs rampant in our society is very sobering, and Alligator Brewing Co. is about to make sure that never changes. As if he were a hurricane, Florida has declared a state of emergency ahead of white nationalist Richard Spencer’s visit to the University of Florida. Florida Governer Rick Scott saw what hap

A Visual Tour Of Esquire's Top Ten New Restaurants In The US

Esquire recently published its list of the top new restaurants in the U.S. and our mouths are watering. Literally, I’m trying not to take a bite out of my computer. Apparently bored with “gimmicks and concepts,” Food & Drinks Editor Jeff Gordiner came up with a list of places where you can actually, like eat — like, all the time. Not just on a first date or special occasion, and not just because you want to brag and convince your friends you’re one of the “cool kids” because you’ve been.

The Rose McGowan Twitter Boycott Sparked An Important Race Conversatio

Rose McGowan found herself in Twitter jail Thursday, after calling out Ben Affleck for distancing himself from Harvey Weinstein now, while allegedly protecting him in the past. The actress/ activist tweeted that Affleck knew about the sexual assault allegations all along. After the suspension, the actress took to Instagram to tell her followers what had happened and asked them to “be her voice” until her account was restored.

Burger King Is Waging A Wonderfully Petty Beef Over Some Spicy Chicken

This week we have witnessed the death of common decency in the fast food world. The murderer: Burger King. The crime: trying to introduce a beloved fast food item that has recently been taken off the menu by Wendy’s: The spicy chicken nugget. As if the sting of losing Wendy’s spicy chicken nugget isn’t still fresh, Burger King is coming right for the redhead’s throat by offering a 10-piece limited time run of their version of the nugget for $1.49. But the feast food war gets even more petty!...

How To Support Others (And Yourself) On World Mental Health Day

October 10 is the 25th anniversary of World Mental Health Day. First celebrated by the World Federation for Mental Health, the day focuses on “advancing, among all peoples and nations, the prevention of mental and emotional disorders, the proper treatment and care of those with such disorders, and the promotion of mental health.” So, it’s obviously a worthy cause. The focus for 2017 is Mental Health in the Workplace, an area that can often be overlooked or misunderstood...
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