This Brewery Hopes To Ruin Richard Spencer's Florida Event With Beer

Ticket become available this Saturday, October 14th and each person can get two with a valid ID. This is our town. This is our home. Let’s do this Gainesville. The realization that racism still runs rampant in our society is very sobering, and Alligator Brewing Co. is about to make sure that never changes. As if he were a hurricane, Florida has declared a state of emergency ahead of white nationalist Richard Spencer’s visit to the University of Florida. Florida Governer Rick Scott saw what hap

A Visual Tour Of Esquire's Top Ten New Restaurants In The US

Esquire recently published its list of the top new restaurants in the U.S. and our mouths are watering. Literally, I’m trying not to take a bite out of my computer. Apparently bored with “gimmicks and concepts,” Food & Drinks Editor Jeff Gordiner came up with a list of places where you can actually, like eat — like, all the time. Not just on a first date or special occasion, and not just because you want to brag and convince your friends you’re one of the “cool kids” because you’ve been.

The Rose McGowan Twitter Boycott Sparked An Important Race Conversatio

Rose McGowan found herself in Twitter jail Thursday, after calling out Ben Affleck for distancing himself from Harvey Weinstein now, while allegedly protecting him in the past. The actress/ activist tweeted that Affleck knew about the sexual assault allegations all along. After the suspension, the actress took to Instagram to tell her followers what had happened and asked them to “be her voice” until her account was restored.

Burger King Is Waging A Wonderfully Petty Beef Over Some Spicy Chicken

This week we have witnessed the death of common decency in the fast food world. The murderer: Burger King. The crime: trying to introduce a beloved fast food item that has recently been taken off the menu by Wendy’s: The spicy chicken nugget. As if the sting of losing Wendy’s spicy chicken nugget isn’t still fresh, Burger King is coming right for the redhead’s throat by offering a 10-piece limited time run of their version of the nugget for $1.49. But the feast food war gets even more petty!...

How To Support Others (And Yourself) On World Mental Health Day

October 10 is the 25th anniversary of World Mental Health Day. First celebrated by the World Federation for Mental Health, the day focuses on “advancing, among all peoples and nations, the prevention of mental and emotional disorders, the proper treatment and care of those with such disorders, and the promotion of mental health.” So, it’s obviously a worthy cause. The focus for 2017 is Mental Health in the Workplace, an area that can often be overlooked or misunderstood...

The 'My National Anthem Challenge' Gives A New Spin To The Controversy

“Eff yo’ anthem!” Whew…felt good to get that off my chest. Actually, I have no problem with the national anthem itself; my problem is with all the hoopla over whether or not someone stands, sits, kneels, or harlem shakes while the doggone thing plays before a game where grown men get paid to smash each other. So many people are infuriated over football players kneeling, while MOST of America sits on their duffs at home, drinking beer and trying to fast forward the Tivo. It makes zero sense.

Finish Sickle Cell Awareness Month By Learning More About The Disease

I hear that all the time from friends and even some family members whenever I have to go to the hospital, or when I was at a function one night, but stay in the next. I’ve had friends think I was flaking on them. I’ve had employers not understand why I could go to that party last night but cannot make it to work today. I’ve had teachers look at me funny because they saw me in the hall earlier but I didn’t make it to their class at the end of the day. Sickle cell disease is like that...

Hurricane Irma Could Cost You Big Bucks on Breakfast

Imagine living in a world where you’re spending nearly $7 for a gallon of orange juice. That could be the cold, hard reality soon, as Hurricane Irma’s decimation of the orange crop in Florida could cause orange juice prices to soar. The only solutions to the shortage will come if Brazil can save the day by increasing exports to the U.S., or if consumers switch up their orange juice purchases to other juices or juice blends...
Day & A Dream

Why Your White Friends Seem So Flippant About Racism; What To Do About It

You know the one cousin you don’t hang out with because he starts some mess every time you go out? Or the one who can come to the BBQ but can’t go in the house alone because she steals? How about that one distant relative who you drive by on the way to work, hanging out on the corner, because that’s where he lives? We all have them. They are the bane of the family, the stain on the family name, the embarrassment to the family name. Imagine, for a second, that this person’s flaw is racism...
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