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Support These Minority-Owned Style Brands This Holiday Season

It’s easy to support big companies over the holiday season. Shopping trips through Amazon Prime’s sales sections, online department stores, and even classic trips to the mall tend to lean heavily towards the known commodities. That’s cool… for a benign gift given to a vague acquaintance. For something personal, you need to go the extra mile and the big hitters are too generic to help you with that. Even Supreme has sold out at this point. This year, it’s time to dig deeper...

Dickies’ Is Honoring Keith Haring In Their Forthcoming Collection

Who doesn’t love a good fashion/art collab? Of course, art is fashion, but in some cases, like the Dickies’ Fall/Winter 2018 line honoring famed artist Keith Haring, it deserves special notice. It’s not that Dickies’ doesn’t come out with cool clothes normally, it’s that the Dickies’ brand hasn’t been associated with “trendy” fashion since the early 2000s. Gradually, it seems the brand has turned back to its intended use and intended audience — work clothes that embody the “toughness of the Amer

’Drop’ Author Byron Hawes Explains The Big Deal About Street Fashion

Last spring, Byron Hawes, a New York-based writer and designer who serves as the contributing editor for Hypebeast, launched a fashion and photography book called Drop. The title alludes to “drop days” — when streetwear brands introduce new collections. These drops are like Christmas for fashion aficionados. Some even travel internationally to line up in person, dressed in their best kicks and rarest gear. Items are often resold at astronomical prices, some even going for tens of thousands of dollars (like those featured in the recent Supreme auction at French auction house Artcurial). We spoke on the phone and the author didn’t dissapoint — offering an insider’s perspective to a truly fascinating subculture.

The 50 Best Supreme Collaborations Ever

Supreme has a cult following. Or whatever is more frenetic and impassioned than a cult following. Their fans don’t just drink the Koolaid, they run an IV drip of the stuff. What began as a skate brand has now lost some of its skater focus. In the process, the company has become the preferred gear for people of any counterculture and has wedged its way into the mainstream...While much of the older merchandise on this list is either impossible to find or in the hands of collectors, you can always go check them out at the unofficial Supreme archive site, Supreme Museum. To make it easier to follow the company’s evolution, we’ll list them in chronological order by the year they dropped and you can decide which era you like best.

Sean John Celebrates The 30th Anniversary Of Basquiat’s Death

Every day, we’re reminded of how impactful artists and creatives can be when calling for social justice. There is a long precedent for this, stretching back to the Greek poets and beyond. Creative minds are willing to fight for the truth and push forward the universe’s slow arc toward justice. History is overloaded with excellent examples. Even among these social leaders and creative icons, Jean-Michel Basquiat is a legend...

Shudu, The First Digital Model, Has Led To Serious Discussions Of Race

As if modeling wasn’t already a controversial industry, it just got even more interesting with the introduction of a whole new class of model. Shudu — a model whose claim to fame was an appearance on Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Instagram page — is UNREAL. No, literally… she’s not a real person. Seriously. Shudu is the world’s first entirely digital model, the creation of photographer/digital artist Cameron James-Wilson. Technically, all models are somewhat digital these days — what with the toning,

Air Jordan Women’s Colorways Are Back And Very Hype-Worthy

It’s no secret that women love shoes, but what many seem not to understand is that doesn’t just mean stilettos and boots. Ladies love sneakers, too. As a recovering (read: currently broke) sneakerhead with an affinity for Air Jordans, the absolute worst time I’ve had in the store is trying to find a pair of J’s in some color that does not involve pink, and that’s also in my size. Today, though, I am ecstatic to announce that the sneakerhead goddesses have smiled upon us!...