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Taraji P. Henson Talks About What It Means To Be ’Woke’

As a champion of mental health awareness, especially in the black community, Taraji P. Henson has been making rounds in the media and at speaking engagements to break the stigma on getting help. She’s using her platform to encourage people to take these matters seriously, as more than a hashtag or a popular trend. To do so effectively, she’s had to be very open about her own journey with maintaining her mental health and relates much of it to her profession — as a minority in film and TV.

’Drop’ Author Byron Hawes Explains The Big Deal About Street Fashion

Last spring, Byron Hawes, a New York-based writer and designer who serves as the contributing editor for Hypebeast, launched a fashion and photography book called Drop. The title alludes to “drop days” — when streetwear brands introduce new collections. These drops are like Christmas for fashion aficionados. Some even travel internationally to line up in person, dressed in their best kicks and rarest gear. Items are often resold at astronomical prices, some even going for tens of thousands of dollars (like those featured in the recent Supreme auction at French auction house Artcurial). We spoke on the phone and the author didn’t dissapoint — offering an insider’s perspective to a truly fascinating subculture.

Red Bull BC One Camp Turns Counterculture Into Community

“Hip-hop was the only thing that didn’t look at me like, ‘Hey, he’s poor.'” That’s a quote from Marlon Lizama, a member of Havikoro dance crew from Houston, and for him, hip-hop was an escape from poverty. But you could insert any adjective instead of “poor.” It’s the inclusivity and welcoming aspect of the artform that has pulled in those who didn’t feel like they fit into other areas of society. In breakdancing, Lizama discovered a community that embraced him. And that’s what I found...

Terry 'the Trainer' Williams's Cookbook Helps You Keep Those New Year's Fitness Goals

It’s finally 2018, and as a part of your fitness resolution you have decided to eat better and work out, as we all have. Getting into the gym might not be difficult (if you can stand the cold to go outside or find a parking spot), but eating right…that’s quite an issue. Not only are you not excited about having to spend more time and money in the grocery store, you’re probably super bummed that “fat free” is often the equivalent of “flavor free.” But what if you could eat delicious, flavor-packed food and not break your resolution or the bank? Enter Terry “the Trainer” Williams of The League: Elite Training Facility. We’ve written about Williams before, but now he’s on a whole new level as the owner of a thriving gym, a husband, a dad, and now the author of his second clean-eating cookbook, “The FlavorFuel Kitchen.”

Photographer Lauren Randolph Captured Smiles For World Kindness Day

LA-based portrait photographer Lauren Randolph recently toured Peru on an 11-day-journey with one goal in mind – to make people smile. Randolph partnered with Contiki — a tour company for millennials — to create content for The Travel Project. The initiative “seeks to show how travel has the ability to create better humans”, which is just the sort of thing we can get behind. Armed with her camera, Randolph traveled throughout Peru giving out compliments to strangers and capturing their responses.

“Cowboy Jones” Dylan Cohl (@DylanCohl) Blazes the Trail for Up-and-Coming Artists [INTERVIEW]

I said it in my last article, and I will say it again: I just really like this guy! Not only is Dylan Cohl’s music very appealing to me sonically, he seems to be an outstanding person. I got a chance to interview him again as he prepares to release the second part to his album series, Cowboy Jones 1.5: Days in the East, and we talked more about who he is, how he creates, and what drives him. Hope Carter: In our previous interview, you mentioned that your last album, Cowboy Jones: 2000 and Beyon

Seeing Lake Mead With Taye Diggs Will Remind You To 'Find Your Park'

Imagine being an megawatt actor and your agent calls to tell you you’re going to be on a speedboat tour of freezing cold Lake Mead in mid-autumn. Afterward, you’ll explore the other side of the Hoover Dam on a raft down the Colorado River. And you’ll do it all with a bunch of journalists. It’s probably not the kind of call you’d be used to (or relish), but Taye Diggs answered it anyway. The actor/writer/singer felt that it was important to support the National Park Foundation in its push preser

The Inventor Of The ’Fingerprint Gun’ Shares The Progress He’s Made

Kai Kloepfer — who UPROXX interviewed in 2015 when he developed a concept for a “smart gun” — is just such a problem solver. As a high school student, he dreamt up a gun that utilized fingerprint recognition, much like modern iterations of the iPhone. When the gun found the wrong hands, it would be rendered completely useless. Accidental shootings would plummet. Since the original video went viral, Kloepfer has started college at MIT while continuing work on the “smart gun.” We decided to check in with him to see how much he’s progressed, hear about his tech company Biofire, and discuss the future of “safe” firearms.

Meet The Man Trying To Disrupt The Hot Dog Game

Keith Dorman — a man with a family history of making cheat codes for food (his great grandfather is the guy responsible for the pieces of paper that keep cheese slices from sticking together) — was every bit as concerned as me. The food manufacturer believes people should have a right to know what’s in their food, and that labels ought to accurately reflect what’s in the package. In fact, he’s trying to put the labels on the food itself: stamping his new brand of hot dogs with info about their ingredients.

Video Interview: John Fuggin Dough On Authenticity, Purpose, And Art [@johnfuggindough]

The text went like this: John Fuggin Dough: Hey do u do in person interviews? Hope Fuggin Carter: Yup. JFD: Cool! I want to do one with u to release some time next year HC: Dope. What do you want this interview to focus on? JFD: Well, I’m about to drop an interview or two about the brand and shit I’m doing, but I want to present something that allows people to buy into ME more and what I represent… …and that’s exactly what happened...

Lil B Is Cooking On Youtube And In The Studio

Lil B has established quite the reputation for himself on social media, which has been a mixture of extreme positivity and sometimes, random beef. Arguably, there’s no one rapper who has achieved more interest for social media first, music second than he has. The coolest thing about Lil B is that despite the “curses” he’s put on people, the conspiracies about Twitter stunts, and the other sensationalism surrounding his name, the music is actually pretty good.