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Testing An App That Combines Dating And Travel In Washington D.C.

Generally speaking, blind dates are no one’s idea of a good time. It’s always a little odd having never met someone, then being forced to be interested in that person’s life and hobbies for a few hours. Sure, plenty of good can come of them, but more often than not they’re a recipe for awkwardness. Now, imagine being on a blind date and unable to go home because you’re in a whole other state. That’s the deal when you sign up with

Shudu, The First Digital Model, Has Led To Serious Discussions Of Race

As if modeling wasn’t already a controversial industry, it just got even more interesting with the introduction of a whole new class of model. Shudu — a model whose claim to fame was an appearance on Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Instagram page — is UNREAL. No, literally… she’s not a real person. Seriously. Shudu is the world’s first entirely digital model, the creation of photographer/digital artist Cameron James-Wilson. Technically, all models are somewhat digital these days — what with the toning,

Sean John Celebrates The 30th Anniversary Of Basquiat’s Death

Every day, we’re reminded of how impactful artists and creatives can be when calling for social justice. There is a long precedent for this, stretching back to the Greek poets and beyond. Creative minds are willing to fight for the truth and push forward the universe’s slow arc toward justice. History is overloaded with excellent examples. Even among these social leaders and creative icons, Jean-Michel Basquiat is a legend...

Reframing Black History Month As A Time To Celebrate Black Excellence

Black History Month was always a pretty depressing few weeks of school. Learning about the struggle my people faced — and still face — in America and across the world was often agonizingly bleak. Of course, black children need to know where they’ve come from and what they’ve overcome to be able to better celebrate where they’re headed, and the people of the United States need to remember their treatment of black Americans to ensure we don’t have a repeat...

Kanye Is Teasing Yeezy Season 6 With Instagram Models Dressed Like Kim

If you’ve been checking out posts online for Yeezy Season 6, you make think you’re seeing double…well, triple…well, just a lot of photos of the same person wearing pieces from the unreleased collection. While the line will not launch until New York Fashion Week, it looks like Kanye West’s affection for his bossed up wife, Kim Kardashian-West, has inspired him to create a campaign based completely around her most current look – a platinum blonde ‘do that is bone straight with a part down the center. ‘Ye has historically been very particular about who models the line, and this time, he’s called on some fashionable friends to emulate that looks Kim donned on social media earlier in the year.

Ralph Lauren’s ’Snow Beach’ Collection Returns With Raekwon’s Jacket

If you’re old enough to remember the jacket “that one guy” in Wu-Tang Clan wore in “that one video” that everyone lost their minds over, you’re about to be hella excited. If you’re a hip hop head (or just familiar with its stars) you’ll know that guy was Raekwon, the video was “Can It Be All So Simple,” and you’re probably pissed that we haven’t already provided a link for you to cop the Ralph Lauren parka from the “Snow Beach” Collection that you probably coveted some 25 years ago.
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Terry 'the Trainer' Williams's Cookbook Helps You Keep Those New Year's Fitness Goals

It’s finally 2018, and as a part of your fitness resolution you have decided to eat better and work out, as we all have. Getting into the gym might not be difficult (if you can stand the cold to go outside or find a parking spot), but eating right…that’s quite an issue. Not only are you not excited about having to spend more time and money in the grocery store, you’re probably super bummed that “fat free” is often the equivalent of “flavor free.” But what if you could eat delicious, flavor-packed food and not break your resolution or the bank? Enter Terry “the Trainer” Williams of The League: Elite Training Facility. We’ve written about Williams before, but now he’s on a whole new level as the owner of a thriving gym, a husband, a dad, and now the author of his second clean-eating cookbook, “The FlavorFuel Kitchen.”

Photographer Lauren Randolph Captured Smiles For World Kindness Day

LA-based portrait photographer Lauren Randolph recently toured Peru on an 11-day-journey with one goal in mind – to make people smile. Randolph partnered with Contiki — a tour company for millennials — to create content for The Travel Project. The initiative “seeks to show how travel has the ability to create better humans”, which is just the sort of thing we can get behind. Armed with her camera, Randolph traveled throughout Peru giving out compliments to strangers and capturing their responses.

A New Website Hopes To Make 'Adulting' A Lot Easier For All Of Us

Between Google and my mama, there are still a lot of things I, as a full-grown adult, have not learned to do, or did not know I needed to know how to do. Sometimes adultier adults act like when we turn 18 we are handed a guidebook to teach us how to fill in a tax form, what a tax form even is, how to deal with the government, what to do if we get into trouble with the law, etc. That’s why I breathed a millennial sigh of relief when I learned about

This Burger King Anti-Bullying PSA Will Truly Shift Your Perspective

Burger King released an anti-bullying ad Tuesday that will make you think twice before you let bullying slide. The short National Bullying Prevention Month PSA “Bullying Jr.” commercial pits a high school junior against a Whopper Jr. to see how many patrons would report their sandwich being “bullied,” or a little bit roughed up by one of the restaurant workers, yet ignore the plight of a real human who is experiencing similar treatment.

This Brewery Hopes To Ruin Richard Spencer's Florida Event With Beer

Ticket become available this Saturday, October 14th and each person can get two with a valid ID. This is our town. This is our home. Let’s do this Gainesville. The realization that racism still runs rampant in our society is very sobering, and Alligator Brewing Co. is about to make sure that never changes. As if he were a hurricane, Florida has declared a state of emergency ahead of white nationalist Richard Spencer’s visit to the University of Florida. Florida Governer Rick Scott saw what hap

A Visual Tour Of Esquire's Top Ten New Restaurants In The US

Esquire recently published its list of the top new restaurants in the U.S. and our mouths are watering. Literally, I’m trying not to take a bite out of my computer. Apparently bored with “gimmicks and concepts,” Food & Drinks Editor Jeff Gordiner came up with a list of places where you can actually, like eat — like, all the time. Not just on a first date or special occasion, and not just because you want to brag and convince your friends you’re one of the “cool kids” because you’ve been.

The Rose McGowan Twitter Boycott Sparked An Important Race Conversatio

Rose McGowan found herself in Twitter jail Thursday, after calling out Ben Affleck for distancing himself from Harvey Weinstein now, while allegedly protecting him in the past. The actress/ activist tweeted that Affleck knew about the sexual assault allegations all along. After the suspension, the actress took to Instagram to tell her followers what had happened and asked them to “be her voice” until her account was restored.

Burger King Is Waging A Wonderfully Petty Beef Over Some Spicy Chicken

This week we have witnessed the death of common decency in the fast food world. The murderer: Burger King. The crime: trying to introduce a beloved fast food item that has recently been taken off the menu by Wendy’s: The spicy chicken nugget. As if the sting of losing Wendy’s spicy chicken nugget isn’t still fresh, Burger King is coming right for the redhead’s throat by offering a 10-piece limited time run of their version of the nugget for $1.49. But the feast food war gets even more petty!...
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