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Jack Freeman's "Define Love" Album Is A Cinematic Experience Through Sound [@_jackfreeman]

I have no doubts that Jack Freeman‘s artistry is going to take him from being one of Houston’s best R&B/Soul artists will soon have the city qualifier removed and will just be one of the best, period. From the first show I visited on a whim after following him on Twitter randomly, to actually enjoying the show even though I attended all by myself, to now actually being a fan of his music, I was delighted that he trusted me with a sneak listen of his forthcoming album, Define Love. Whether or not

Nipsey Hussle Does A 'Victory Lap' Around Houston (@nipseyhussle)

Houston turned out in full force for Nipsey Hussle’s Wednesday night show at the House of Blues, hosted by Premier Live Experience, an independent live entertainment company based out of the DFW. In true music journalist fashion, I completely ignored the 7 p.m. time doors opened (because yeah right…) and showed up at 9 p.m. when, of course, the show still hadn’t started. A DJ was spinning everyone’s favorite songs in your usual rap show fashion while people finessed their way to the front of the

Lil B Is Cooking On Youtube And In The Studio

Lil B has established quite the reputation for himself on social media, which has been a mixture of extreme positivity and sometimes, random beef. Arguably, there’s no one rapper who has achieved more interest for social media first, music second than he has. The coolest thing about Lil B is that despite the “curses” he’s put on people, the conspiracies about Twitter stunts, and the other sensationalism surrounding his name, the music is actually pretty good.

How Combining Hip-Hop With Therapy Might Help The Next Generation Of Rappers

Lauryn Hill was a trendsetter in many ways, some quite unexpected. When she wrote “Superstar” back in 1998, her words tapped into one area of hidden potential for hip-hop music that’s only just now being realized: “Come on baby, light my fire Everything you drop is so tired Music is supposed to inspire So how come we ain’t getting no higher?” She, like many of today’s hip-hop heads, turned to the genre to relieve stress and to feel like she wasn’t alone...

Video Interview: John Fuggin Dough On Authenticity, Purpose, And Art [@johnfuggindough]

The text went like this: John Fuggin Dough: Hey do u do in person interviews? Hope Fuggin Carter: Yup. JFD: Cool! I want to do one with u to release some time next year HC: Dope. What do you want this interview to focus on? JFD: Well, I’m about to drop an interview or two about the brand and shit I’m doing, but I want to present something that allows people to buy into ME more and what I represent… …and that’s exactly what happened...

6 Houston DJs to Look Out For: The Ladies

First and foremost, I am actually very annoyed that it took me this long to find six female DJs in Houston. This city is huge, and I have legitimately been scouring the city to find the hottest lady spinners, but it seemed as if it were either the same women at every event, or dudes. Luckily, the past few weeks have turned up some super dope acts that I get the pleasure of writing about – and hopefully getting hired for your next event...

July Reminds Us Why We Love Houston | @traeabn @donke713 #HAW

Houston is a city like no other. The place we’d like to think of as one of the points in the Lone Star is known for a very desired culture, a very unique vernacular, a very specific code of ethics, and a very distinct personality that is both separate from the rest of the South, but also very wrapped up in its story. July 2017, as if to double down on the Houston holiday of June 27, was a month filled with events and celebrations to pay homage to the City of Syrup.

Stream DJ Mike C's Debut Mix, "#TNTS Trxpped N The South"

First and foremost I wanna say, “I told you so!” I’m gonna go ahead and gloat on this one, because I called it when I made the list of 6 Houston DJs to look out for. DJ Mike C, although many who had never heard him spin thought he was a backup to Houston rapper Doeman, is a damn good standalone DJ. Many have never received the pleasure of hearing him spin at a party or before or after a Dodi set, but those who have are aware of exactly what is to come when “Sippin on Some Sizzurp” starts up...

Xavier Blk + Jeremy Avalon, Creative Community + Sweaty Dance Parties

When you ask a DJ for an interview, please don’t think you’re gonna do lunch. The element of the DJ is as such: If I gotta do an interview for a blog, imma make it look sexy. It was a clear and steamy night (9:30ish, to be exact-ish) when I went to Boondocks to interview Xavier Blk and Jeremy Avalon of WERC Crew before they spun for Blackout. What I got was the best description of what happens when creatives in a big city unite to swap ideas, skills, stories, and connections...

Why Prodigy's Passing Should Make You Aware, But Not Afraid

What a sobering experience it is to have someone pass away from an illness from which you, a close friend, or a family member suffer! Albert “Prodigy” Johnson, one-half of legendary hip hop group Mobb Deep, reportedly passed away from complications of sickle cell Tuesday. I admittedly am not a huge Mobb Deep fan. The only thing I knew about it was one of the members, Prodigy, suffered from sickle cell anemia...

SZA is a Modern Day Philosopher in "CTRL" | @sza

My body would physically reject saying some of the lyrics in her songs, even though my body screams “YES!” every time I listen to SZA sing them. Her statements are personal, and I am left to wonder how SZA, at 26 years of age, has lived this many lives. SZA is among the new school of women who are saying whatever tf they want in songs. No longer are we shocked when we hear women talk about their sexual needs. No longer are we disgusted by hearing women sing or rap about playing men the ways in which men have historically bragged about playing women. Women like Kehlani, Rihanna…hell, even Selena Gomez are telling it like it is.

Rocky Banks Releases Two Songs for Midweek Music | @therockybanks

Rapper Rocky Banks is releasing two new songs today, “Through the Phone” produced by Mufasa Enzor, and “Mini Me” produced by Louie Ji and Darius 1500. If the name Louie Ji looks familiar, you might be a Rae Sremmurd fan – the producer worked with the duo on their song “Look Alive” from their SremmLife2 album. Rocky says of the two new songs, “These songs were created in at point in my life where I felt the need for vengeance. Keep in mind that I always create projects that reflect my current mindset. The hearts change from yellow to black sometimes.”

Intro the Woods: FlygerWoods, in His Own Words | @flygerwoods

FlygerWoods is probably one of the most unassuming rappers I’ve met. It’s always neat to finally see someone with whom you’ve been in contact over the interview – especially a musical artist – and not get a Dragonfly Jones-esque “It is a pleasure for you to meet me,” but it’s even neater to have that artist almost want to interview YOU, asking questions like he’s actually interested in other humans. In light of his recent smashing the stage at Madness on Main this past Sunday so much so that they almost had to drag him off that stage, I felt I needed to share with the world about FlygerWoods, in his own words, so everyone would get to witness what some of us more fortunate music-lovers have gotten to experience.
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