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Day & A Dream

Why Your White Friends Seem So Flippant About Racism; What To Do About It

You know the one cousin you don’t hang out with because he starts some mess every time you go out? Or the one who can come to the BBQ but can’t go in the house alone because she steals? How about that one distant relative who you drive by on the way to work, hanging out on the corner, because that’s where he lives? We all have them. They are the bane of the family, the stain on the family name, the embarrassment to the family name. Imagine, for a second, that this person’s flaw is racism...
Day & A Dream

10 Ways To Improve Third Ward Beyond Renaming Dowling St.‬

Thanks, I guess, for this small gesture. I suppose you think that makes up for the condition of the neighborhood? Sorry to burst your bubble, but it does not. In my not-so-humble opinion, that name change is a giant waste of time and money. Too little too late. You should have used that money to fix the things that are wrong in that neighborhood, not give people a consolation prize for treating them like crap still...
I Am The Industry

Why Criticism of Kendrick Lamar's "Humble" Visual Hurts Black Feminism

If you’re not hip to the drama, women are lambasting Lamar for the lyrics “I’m so fuckin’ sick and tired of the Photoshop/Show me somethin’ natural like afro on Richard Pryor/Show me somethin’ natural like ass with some stretch marks/Still will take you down right on your mama’s couch in Polo socks.” Now as a woman who is a feminist, has stretch marks (more like tiger stripes), wears her hair natural sometimes, inherited cellulite as a result of being slim thick (with my cute azz) and almost never feels like wearing makeup, I got hype hearing those lines. But my hypeness was soon deflated by the Interwebs.
Hive Society

A Series of Unpopular Opinions [Bee Opinionated]

Today is the day I come out of the closet – I am a black millennial woman with a disability from Houston’s Third Ward who is a conservative and loves her some Jesus. Now that I have alienated half of you, let me go ahead and make the rest of you hate me: I love me some gays, Muslims, and equal rights. I cannot stand y’all’s new President D***** T****. Black Lives abso-freakin-lutely MATTER. Mexicans are some of the hardest-working people I have ever met...
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The Name Game: Beyoncé and Larry Wilmore [Bee Opinionated]

I didn’t want to write about the anger white women (fueled by Iggy Azalea) were feeling about Beyoncé using the term “Becky” to refer to her husband’s mistress in “Sorry” because I read a piece that did it so well that I thought I should leave it alone. But I have to say something. Let me say this once and for all: Sometimes, there are things in life that have NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. *sets down bullhorn* The story Beyoncé was telling was about her life (or someone else’s life who inspired the s
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Three Tweets that Perfectly Sum Up How Dumb “#AllLivesMatter” Sounds [BEE OPINIONATED]

I’m not angry about people changing the “#BlackLivesMatter” hashtag to “#AllLivesMatter.” Actually, I’m very hurt. #AllLivesMatter shows me that the issue is not that people don’t get it. The issue is they don’t want to get it. “Black lives matter” is not hate speech. To say “black lives matter” is not to exclude any group. No one said, “ONLY black lives matter.” “Black lives matter” is a call to action. It’s saying, “Hey, it seems like this certain population is being threatened. Let’s make su
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