This ’Young Blood Transfusion’ Brand Sounds Like The Pharma Fyre Fest

The pharma world might finally have its Fyre Fest — a mysterious company run purely on hype which seems (to even the most casual observer) to be something of a scam. The story starts with Jesse Karmazin, a man who, like many before him, is determined to find the ever-elusive Fountain of Youth. But instead of crossing oceans and displacing people, the Stanford Medical School grad (who is not a doctor and has no medical certifications) founded a startup called Ambrosia.

Taraji P. Henson Talks About What It Means To Be ’Woke’

As a champion of mental health awareness, especially in the black community, Taraji P. Henson has been making rounds in the media and at speaking engagements to break the stigma on getting help. She’s using her platform to encourage people to take these matters seriously, as more than a hashtag or a popular trend. To do so effectively, she’s had to be very open about her own journey with maintaining her mental health and relates much of it to her profession — as a minority in film and TV.

A Visit To Memphis Is All About Honoring MLK While Also Moving Forward

“Memphis froze in place when King got shot.” The saying is common among native Memphians, and especially the ones who remember the day, the time, and where they stood when they heard the news. Some even go so far as to question whether or not they were partially to blame for the assassination, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was in Memphis to support sanitation workers who were picketing for better working conditions. What’s undeniable is that the city was profoundly affected that day...

Banksy Leaves His Mark On Paris For The First Time

Paris Fashion Week is bringing all the hot celebrities out of hiding — including the most clandestine of characters: street artist Banksy. Okay, so he didn’t come out per se, but he did manage to make his way there to create some art in Paris for the first time ever. It’s surprising that a popular European city like Paris would be yet-to-be visited by the legend of the scene, but the City of Love somehow has evaded the artist’s paint can up until now...

South Beach Is An Iconic Vacation Spot That Can Still Surprise You

South Beach, Miami is the land of party lore. For decades, it’s been the hottest spot in Florida (and arguably the whole American south). A haven where the beautiful, the rich, and the famous are easily spotted out at the club, on the strip, and lounging on the beach. What we don’t see as often are the everyday people who live in and around the area, whose culture is just as — if not more — rich and colorful as those running the party scene...

Seeing Lake Mead With Taye Diggs Will Remind You To 'Find Your Park'

Imagine being an megawatt actor and your agent calls to tell you you’re going to be on a speedboat tour of freezing cold Lake Mead in mid-autumn. Afterward, you’ll explore the other side of the Hoover Dam on a raft down the Colorado River. And you’ll do it all with a bunch of journalists. It’s probably not the kind of call you’d be used to (or relish), but Taye Diggs answered it anyway. The actor/writer/singer felt that it was important to support the National Park Foundation in its push preser

Testing An App That Combines Dating And Travel In Washington D.C.

Generally speaking, blind dates are no one’s idea of a good time. It’s always a little odd having never met someone, then being forced to be interested in that person’s life and hobbies for a few hours. Sure, plenty of good can come of them, but more often than not they’re a recipe for awkwardness. Now, imagine being on a blind date and unable to go home because you’re in a whole other state. That’s the deal when you sign up with